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If you are experiencing pain and discomfort …

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort I highly recommend Accelerated Rehab and Performance and setting up an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Rivera. Both of my knees have been very sore over the last couple of months, making it difficult to walk and go up and down stairs. With one treatment of the deep tissue Laser and some therapy exercises, Most of my pain has gone away. I feel by time I complete a few more treatments and exercises, I should be able to run! That Laser treatment is incredible and painless! Thanks Dr. Jen!


The person you want to see if you are in pain …

Jennifer Rivera at Accelerated Rehab in Lakeland is the person you want to see if you are in pain and frustrated at not getting better. After a bad fall, I felt I would not see any improvement after years of trying. But she encouraged me and has been tough with me at the same time — and what a difference she has made. In addition to her own physical therapy approach, she is the only provider in Lakeland of an innovative laser therapy for pain. It is incredible. Combined with PT, my condition has improved dramatically. I could not recommend her more highly. Don’t suffer! Make an appointment.


Dr. Rivera is amazing!

Dr. Rivera is amazing! She has been lifesaver for me. Dr. Rivera has worked on my ankle that has bone on bone and now I am walking with out pain. She worked on back and hips and I am walking with out the walker and have better balance. She has the ability to access the issue and look at solution for the whole body. My all over quality of life has improved greatly. I am very thankful for Dr. Rivera’s care and therapy.


She really knows her stuff …

Not that long ago I pulled my left shoulder doing an army crawl in a workout class, don’t ask. Anyway, I went to Dr. Jen and she had me right as rain, leaving her office, I went in not being able to move my shoulder at all, to being able to drive home with very little pain. She really knows her stuff, and she totally rocks!

Not-So-Tough Girl

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and a lot of misalignments. Dr.Rivera has been such a blessing. This is the first time in about 6 years where I have seen a decrease in pain.She is very knowledgeable and kind. I love how she uses a variety of treatments every time I go. She adheres your treatment to what is needed for you specifically. I can’t wait to see even more improvements!!!


During a very difficult pregnancy

During a very difficult pregnancy I suffered from painful, chronic sciatica. After two sessions with Dr. Jen, she had me straightened out and pain free, and my sciatica has never returned. Years later I returned with a neck injury due to poor form during working out. Dr. Jen not only remedied my injuries, she also gave me one-on-one instruction on proper form and techniques to optimize my performance and reduce my recurring injuries. Dr. Jen has gifted hands and an amazing mind for health and wellness. I cant say enough good things about the amazing work she is doing. Thank you so much, Dr. Jen!!


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